Devil’s Lake


Since we didn’t end up going to Door County, Jim and I decided to go to Devil’s Lake, instead. We were here last December when we came for Christmas, but we only did the east side of the lake. That one was pretty tough, with lots of granite boulders to clamber over. The west side that we did today was still tough (and again, we dressed way too warmly – thank you, climate change).

Devil’s Lake is a glacial lake on the terminal moraine near the Baraboo Hills, about 35 miles from Madison. Our hike was only like 1.3 miles each way, but we were not expecting the climb! The views were worth the effort, though.

dlake8 dlake6 dlake4 dlake3 dlake18

The trail itself was also really cool – lots of little twists and turns, and different terrains – asphalt, granite, etc.

dlake17 dlake16 dlake15 dlake11 dlake10 dlake9 dlake7

And we did end up seeing some rather pretty foliage!

dlake2 dlake1 dlake12 dlake13 dlake14

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