Photo of the Week: PCC Markets

This evening, Jim and I went to one of PCC Markets’ “Walk, Talk, and Taste” nights. There, we learned about PCC – 95% of their produce is organic, they plan to label all GMO’s in their store within the next year or so, they have one of the highest fish sustainability rankings in the country, and they have really, really good kale salad and chocolate.

Sunchoke, broccolini, cashew dip, sweet potato chips, kale salad, quinoa salad, and smoked salmon

After we ate our food and had a rousing discussion about GMOs (I was good, I stayed out of it!) our PCC rep, Marylin, led us around the store, showing us where to get the different foods we tried, explained some odd foods that PCC carries and how to tell when things were ripe and how to prepare them, and fed us brown butter chocolate (so bad, so good).

I highly recommend attending a “Walk, Talk, and Taste” at one of your local PCC Markets. It was a fun night out, a light meal, and informative. They also have gluten-free versions of the class. Plus, you get coupons for PCC. Check out their dates here:


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