Early (ish) Birds

Good morning! It’s a bright, cold day in Seattle, and the birds are loving it. They have already nearly decimated the seed I filled up on Sunday! I decided it was time to snap some real shots of these guys, not iPhone photos through a dingy kitchen window.


I set up my camera and tripod on the stairs – yikes! – and connected to the handy Fujifilm remote app, and watched the feeder on my phone so they’d be sure I was gone, and start flitting to the feeder again. Then it was just a matter of watching my phone, and timing the shots. Some came and went just as fast, others took their time at the feeder. There were a few squabbles, some tense moments, but it’s all in a day’s work for these guys. The black-headed ones are Juncos, the red-capped/throated: House Finches. There were also black-capped Chickadees, but none came to the feeder while I was there.

Speaking of the feeder – time for another fill-up, I think!



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