Yellowstone II: Lazy Day Sunrise

So, where did I leave off? Oh, yes, halfway through Yellowstone.

The day after Norris Geyser Basin, etc. was a bit more of a lazy day for us. We woke up pretty early (5:30 for Jim, 6 for me) and drove out to the Lamar Valley before the sun came up. We’d heard from several people that this was a prime spot to see wildlife at Yellowstone, and Jim was determined to get a good photo of a bear before we left the park.




We got some neat shots of the sunrise over the Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek. We found a good spot toward the east end of the valley,  where the wooded area was a bit closer to the road, and right next to the creek. I suggested that we just set up there with tripods and wait until something showed up, but it really didn’t take long for Jim to get bored. He wanted to drive around searching for a bear in plain sight. So we cooked up some egg sandwiches on our little pocket rocket stove, then I took a nap, and Jim drove around looking for bears. He didn’t find any. 🙂 We did see Undine Falls, though.


The rest of our lazy day was spent at a couple different coffee shops to use their wifi to edit photos and post blogs and write postcards (this didn’t require wifi). I had about 250 photos to sort through – just from one day!

Then we meandered back to camp, started a fire, and watched cow elk graze their way through the campsites. I forgot that it was Sunday – we were surprised that the campground was so deserted when we came back from searching for bears. The light is fading, and we’re just going to read and write for a bit until we fall asleep. Another early start tomorrow to Hayden Valley for more bears!

Until next time,

Anna (& Jim)

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