An Evening in Golden Gardens

Well, my boyfriend and I were going to take a midnight trip to the Wenatchee area tonight to see if we could get some cool shots of the milky way since there’s no moon right now, but  it was turning out to be cloudy (with a side of traffic) so we bailed around the exit for the 520 bridge and headed for home.

With all our camera gear in hand, however, we decided we should continue our night out anyway, and skip on over to Golden Gardens for some sunset and sailing shots.


The first thing I discovered: Not All Sails Are Created Equal. Some are significantly more photogenic than others! Take these, for example. When that sun started squinting through the last tiny seam between clouds and sky, some of the sails lit up like Beacons of Gondor.


Jim brought his new giant lens (150-600mm) – compensating for something, huh, Jim? Just kidding! I see that look…

GG8   GG9

We hope to make it to the coast this weekend for some relaxation, and some more picture-taking, of course! Check back to see more. For now, here are some more Golden Gardens shots:

GG11  GG10  GG1  GG16

GG19  GG5  GG15  GG23

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