Lewis River: It’s the Little Things

One of the things that I like about myself is that I tend to notice what others don’t. My boyfriend and I have gone on many a camera-happy adventure this spring, and often we’ll get back and look through photos and he’ll say, “I didn’t even *see* that!” I guess I just like looking at the ground when I walk.

But honestly, it’s a great trait for me as a photographer, because it allows me to take unique photos at places that a million people go to. Everyone goes to Lewis River Falls to take photos of the falls. But how many return with pictures of moss and leaves and… salamanders?

So, here is my proposition to you. Go on that hike. Fight the crowds. But when you get there and everyone’s pointing and exclaiming “would you look at that??” — look the other way. You’ll get an even better perspective. I promise.

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lewis river falls lower hdr trees pacific northwest pnw hiking lewis river falls mossy leaves lewis river green river deep timed exposure lewis river falls green river rainy mossy hike

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