2 Cameras, 1 Tripod, 400 lbs: Wallace Falls

What to Expect: A medium-hard hike. Full disclosure: we are fairly out of shape, hiking-wise, and we are also total wimps when it comes to hot weather. So if you’re a fairly confident hiker, and hike either in the other three seasons, or thrive in the heat, you may find this easier than we did.


Elevation gain: 1300 feet. Lower falls is two miles, Middle Falls, 2.5, and Upper is 2.8, all from the trailhead. We made it to Middle Falls and decided to call it a day. The first two falls are really pretty, and worth it, even if you don’t make it up to the Upper Falls.


We were also carrying two cameras, lenses, tripods, and of course, ourselves, up the trail. Our end goal was to get some long exposure shots of either the falls or the river rapids. It was a very, very sunny day (those of you who know me know that this is really my least favorite kind of weather – give me downpour any old day, but no sun, please!) and so we couldn’t really capture any good shots of the falls without everything being washed out. But we got some neat forest shots, and the river in the shade.

wallace5A lot of the trail gets pretty muddy, even in the sunny hot weather, so be prepared for some puddle-hopping, or for getting your feet wet. The trail is skinny in most places, and fairly rocky, so watch your step!

But it was a great hike, and we have vowed to conquer the Upper Falls later this year when it cools down and we get some overcast days!

wallace16 wallace8 wallace9

wallace1 wallace3 wallace25

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