Exploring Seattle: The Zoo

Even though I lived in Portland for a long time, I hardly ever went to the zoo there. Here in Seattle, I’ve already been there three times! Apparently it’s my sister’s “go-to” spot, and it’s good practice for photography. Plus, you can get a zoo membership here for 50 bucks and go as many times as you want, the rest of the year! Pretty cool.

So that’s what I did, and I’ve hand-picked a few of my favorite shots from my trips, just for you! I’ve arranged them into little galleries – click on a particular photo to see it up close.

Clammy Fellows: Reptiles & Amphibians

green snake boa seattle zoo visit travel photography   toad under rock sand seattle zoo travel visit photography   green frog branch big eyes seattle zoo travel visit photography

Fluffy Fellows: Lions and Tigers [read: Orangutans] and Bears, Oh My!

grizzly bear seattle zoo two bears visit travel photography brown bear   lion sleeping grass seattle zoo travel visit   orangutan sad climbing tree seattle zoo travel visit photography

Feathered Fellows: Birds!

seattle zoo visit photography bird branch   bird branch rain seattle zoo travel visit photography   flamingo seattle zoo photography  11180606_10155470814050177_2647477446293929962_n

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