Golden Gardens: A Saturday Stroll

Next up on my tour of Seattle: possibly the craziest crowded beach ever on a sunny Saturday in Seattle. Ok, enough with the alliteration, I promise.

My requirements for exploring Seattle at this point are:

1. I’ve never been there before


2. It’s pretty.

Easy list. I will eventually run out of the first option, then I’ll have to stipulate weather or seasons. Have I been there on a sunny day? In the snow?

Of course, one of the few beaches in Seattle would be crowded on a day like today – there were people sailing boats, wind surfing, parasailing – their blues and pinks and whites whipping around the azure sky.

sailboat seattle golden gardens visit travel photography water sun two boats
Sail boats on the sound

There were people playing football and volleyball and soccer – while we pedestrians on the beach played dodgeball, effectively. There were barbecues and babies, kids and kites, musicians and monokinis. Ok, just kidding – people don’t wear monokinis to Pacific Northwest beaches. Haven’t you ever seen that commercial?

Even on a sunny day, most people were huddled up in sweatshirts and blankets. It was warm enough for the turtles, though. We saw plenty!

The turtles came out to play! And by “play,” I mean “sit on this log and not move”


Next time I think we’ll bring a barbecue and some instruments of our own – we’ll let you know and you can join us! Cheers from Seattle.

Gallery of Golden Gardens…

gg15  gg16   gg14

gg7  gg1  gg4

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