Secular Easter: Whidbey Island Outing

This weekend my sister and I spent our Easter Sunday on Whidbey Island! I haven’t gotten up at seven on a Sunday in a long time. But there I was, hauling myself out of bed, making sure I had all the components of her “Easter basket” goodies that my mom had sent to my address. The most important: the two dark chocolate bunnies, which are necessary in order to recreate this scenario, which we’ve been doing for about the last ten years (who says childhood has to end?)


After the bunnies, we mosied our way to the Mukilteo ferry. It was on the ferry that I discovered two things.

1. The ferry ride to Whidbey is incredibly short.

2. I forgot to put the SD card in my camera before I left the house.

3. My camera has zero internal memory! So I was basically left with an iPhone and a $2000 hunk of plastic and glass to haul around all day. Great job, Anna! This just means that another trip to Ebey’s Landing needs to happen in the near future. Yes, that is actually three things.



Other than that oversight: it was a beautiful day. We stopped for a pre-hike brunch at Keystone Cafe, which is nestled right in between Crockett Lake and the Admiralty Inlet. We could see the Port Townsend ferry come and go as we munched our salad, grilled cheese and clam chowder.

Next, we got lost. The great thing about getting lost on Whidbey Island on a lightly overcast day in April is that, with the windows down, you really don’t mind. It’s more like “taking the scenic route” than getting lost, in any case.

Once we reached the beach at Ebey’s Landing, we were ready to get out and move! The loop hike at Ebey’s Landing is beautiful – it crests the bluffs along the west beach of Whidbey, weaving along the steep slope, among the craggy trees, always keeping the Admiralty Inlet in sight.

We dubbed the sandy path “The Roly Poly Highway,” because we must’ve seen thousands of the little guys crawling across it. I collected some of them to raise in a jar (it’s fun, you should try it some time – all they need is a steady supply of compost and water and air).

View of the beach from the bluff.
Le sister being weird on Whidbey.

At the end of the bluff, there were a series of switchbacks down to the beach, which was the “trail” back to the start.

This was a moderate hike – about a 3.7 mile loop, with a fair bit of elevation at first, but a pretty easy trek back along the beach for the second half. It was a perfect, slightly sunny, breezy day. Next time I will bring my SD card!

Hope you had a Happy Easter yourselves!

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