For Fuchsia’s Sake

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It’s Creative Monday again, and I was just about to skip it (I’ve been SO bad, lately!) when I had a sudden inspiration. So here I am, after all!

Today, I am wearing fuchsia earrings. Now, fuchsia has a long history – it was first classified by the French botanist, Charles Plumier about 300 years ago, in what we now call Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He named the plant after another botanist (who lived about 150 years before Plumier’s time), a German named Leonart Fuchs. Hence the spelling. It’s actually supposed to be pronounced “fooks-ya,” but we English have changed that, and the spelling (most people spell it Fuschia).

There are about 110 species of fuchsia, all-told. Most are in South America, but some are in New Zealand, Tahiti, Japan, even as far south as Tierra del Fuego!

The most common kind we grow here in the Pacific Northwest is a Japanese species that is pink and purple. This is the kind that our neighbors have. I caught sight of a few little lantern-like blooms peeking through our mutual fence.

“Those would make great earrings!” I thought. So I surreptitiously picked them, and put together a lovely little (temporary) set of earrings, thus saving another Monday from a lack of creativity.

2 thoughts on “For Fuchsia’s Sake

  1. You are so clever. Those would make beautiful earrings. Maybe you could run little hoses to each one to keep them fresh. lol Have you done any more traveling? My computer is messed up and I don’t always get what I am supposed to. Keep up your interesting writing.


  2. Well, I have been composing a letter to your Aunt Shirley. It follows the ancient art of Spoonerism. You can look that up. I encouraged her to “ain’t yer part” as she is always undermined when it comes to painting. One artist exhibited 60 smashed mice in plastic. With your mother’s help, I think she can beat that. Another manic Monday….


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