Monday Creations


I recently moved, and my new place has a paper birch in the front yard, which is pretty much my lifelong dream!

So it’s fitting that this week’s creation has to do with birch paper. It’s a wonderful material, thin and crinkly and curly, with rich caramel tones and creamy whites.

You could do so much with it! Use it as bits of wrapping paper, or use the little curls to make a gift bow. I’ve seen people glue it around candle votives for a rustic look.

My favorite thing to do with birch paper is not very useful, but it makes me happy: writing down small poems and leaving them in various places for people to read. My cousin and I used to do this when we visited our great aunt Joanie, whose neighbor had a paper birch. We liked to think these little bits of verse brought some magic into someone’s life, at some point. And sometimes that’s enough!

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