Creative Monday


Here we are again at the end of the weekend, as I like to say. Maybe getting your brain moving in creative (or any) ways is not remotely what you want to do right now, but trust me you’ll feel better when you do!

What’s your creative spark for the day? Let me know in the comments below.

Crocus in watercolor - 11”x15”

I spend a lot of time painting, these days. I’ve been obsessed with botanical painters on Instagram, like Anna Mason and Helen Cousins, both from the UK. They are master watercolorists, and their Instagram feeds provide lots of inspiration, as well as tips on technique and even time-lapse tutorials.

I prefer to learn by obsessing over theory, then practicing. I know exactly how I want to paint something before I paint it. I still don’t know how many washes it will take to achieve the end color (I am a bit timid with the paint), but I know where the layers will go, etc.

Usually my model is a photo, as in the case of this crocus I painted. I am not fast enough to paint from life, yet.

3 thoughts on “Creative Monday

  1. Good morning. You surprise me with your diverse talents. And you actually finish things! I’m a good thinker, not doer.


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