Monday Creations


We all need a pick-me-up on Mondays. What better way (besides triple espresso shots) than by creating something?

Every week I’ll post what I’m creating. I’d love to hear what your creative pursuits are, too! Leave a comment down below.

I am updating my business cards! I absolutely loved these whimsical bird ones I got, but I changed some of my info so they were outdated. I decided the best (and cheapest!) way to have new ones in the future was to have a stamp made.

I designed my contact info on Canva, then ordered the custom stamp through one of the many lovely shops on etsy.

Next I cut out watercolor paper from an old cheap pad I had laying around and glued it to the business cards, then stamped them. Voila!

The altered cards have a nice chunkiness to them, now. Thick and heavy, like they mean… business!

Anyway. Now I can customize cards however I want. I am excited to use my bird and frog stamps to decorate them, maybe do a little watercolor painting on some – the possibilities are endless.

4 thoughts on “Monday Creations

  1. Wonderful, Anna. Let’s support each other’s path. I am meeting with a man to set up recording my music. Instantly get stubborn. What???


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