Birthday Madness

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Yesterday was my 28th/7th birthday! We usually do something extra special every four years, since that’s when I get a “real” birthday. What a concept! I didn’t know any other kids growing up that had to distinguish between “real” birthdays and “not real” birthdays. I guess I am one of those lucky people that get 3 very merry unbirthdays for every regular one!

In any case, this being a leap year, I planned an evening of food, drink, merriment, and murder. I’d been hearing about these murder mystery dinners, and decided that would be the thing to do. Who wants to sit around a table chit-chatting about life with people they don’t know? I sure wouldn’t. I’d rather grill people about their fictional whereabouts and extra-marital lovers. So that’s what we did!

I wanted to do a 40’s theme, but only a few of us really did. This is my sister Mary and I and my boyfriend, Jim in our outfits. And here are all our relatives! Jim’s parents (on your left) were in town from Madison, WI, and my parents came up from their respective abodes in Oregon to join us as well.


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